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The Computer Help Links

(or how does Joey or Jon know that?)

Since many of you have asked for help with purchasing and upgrading your computers, here are what are hopefully unbiased links where you can get the most current data on what is available. They will even give you the best price from where you can buy it on the Internet.
Technology Advice You Can Trust

Why look here instead of asking Joey or Jon?  Because not only do we NOT know everything, but everything is changing faster than anyone can keep up with it, including the links referenced above. So this is where Joey and Jon look to try to stay abreast of what is happening.

New to the internet? Find some answers here:


Not sure that an email you got might be a hoax? Check it out here:

If none of the above sites mention the subject of your email, then it might be 99 44/100th % ivory pure, maybe!

Looking for a faster way to connect to the Internet or just AOL? Try:

However, Joey uses: Optimum Online

and Jon uses: Comcast Proposal to Merge with AT&T Broadband


and Joey and Jon have set up Grandpa#1 with:

so if you have cable tv...well...grandpa#2

Promote responsible Net commerce: Help Stamp Out Spam!

netiquette or Internet ETIQUETTE (How to write emails)

How To Deal With Rude People (who send you email from a mailing list)

Security information for consumers and small business (
National Cyber Security Awareness Month - October 2004

Find or know or someplace else? Please let me know...Joey

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