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Updated: February 14, 2000


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The Julita Catay Ladera Memorial Fund for BUCFI

I've stolen the Donor Page from the BUCFI web site to post to our family web site so you have reference for your tax purposes come 4/15/2001 when you get to deduct your share of the contribution to what I will call the "Julita Catay Ladera Memorial Fund". However, due to discretion, I am not posting your individual amounts to keep the in-fighting down within the family.

For those of you who do not know Julita, she is the daughter of our mother's (grandma's, or soon to be great-grandma's, Venancia Catay Tabaco) brother, Amado Gabo Catay, from Ubujan, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines. She is especially endeared by the sons and daughters of Natalio Dahab Tabaco. 

During our stay in Taloto, Tagbilaran City, Bohol from July, 1966 to May, 1967, after our parents returned to New York, Julita was our surrogate  mother, who along with Willie, cared for all 10 of us while we were there by ourselves. We will never forget her for caring for us as if we were her own, even though she was only a year older than me.

In gratitude for her care, our mother helped Julita finish her last 2 years of high school in Tagbilaran City, and her 4 years of college in an agricultural school in Bilar, Bohol, which included a school field trip to Columbia, South America. With those qualifications, she was able to secure a job with the Dept of Agriculture in Ubay, Bohol.

Unfortunately, Julita succumbed to an early death last year at the age of 50 due to breast cancer, probably because of all  the chemicals she had to deal with as an agriculturist. She is survived by her husband, Ondoy, and 2 children, a boy and girl, who live in Ubay.

It is very fitting therefore, that we in the Tabaco family, establish this memorial fund for Julita here for The Bohol Ubi Center Foundation Inc. (BUCFI), which ubi is one of the main agricultural crops in Bohol. BUCFI is chaired by Jean Darunday, who is also very dear to our family having lived with us during part of her stay while here in New York City. 

According to Jean, Julita worked at the Bohol Experimental Station (BES) in Ubay. BES was one of BUCFI's incorporators. BES was very actively involved during the January 2000 Ubi Festival. Jean says she is sure Julita is looking down on us all with a smile of approval to put up a memorial for her, tied up with a product (ubi) which Jean is most certain she worked closely while assigned to the BES.

Jean has been very active since her return to Bohol in women's and family self-help activities. We hope that under her leadership, the funds we contribute will go towards more meaningful activities that will benefit the present and future generations of all Boholanos, especially our relatives who continue to reside there.

We hope to continue to provide funds for BUCFI in Julita Catay Ladera's name as a memorial for her vocation, and for the dedication of Jean Darunday to better the lives of all Boholanos thru self-help projects that will allow the common people to sustain and develop their families' welfare and the economy of Bohol...Joey Tabaco


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Family Donors

The Molina Family Spring Valley, NY Frances Tabaco Molina
The Costanzo Family Glen Oaks, NY  Esther Tabaco Costanzo
The O'brien Family Hawthorne, NY Gail Tabaco O'brien 1/10/2000  
The Moore Family Bayside, NY  Angelina Tabaco-Moore
The N. D. Tabaco Family New Hyde Park, NY  Natalio Dahab Tabaco
The Delfranco Family Brewster, NY  Mary Tabaco Delfranco
The J. Tabaco Family Ronkonkoma, NY  Joseph Tabaco 2/12/2000  
The C. Tabaco Family New Hyde Park, NY  Carlos Tabaco 2/12/2000  
The A. Tabaco Family Elmont, NY  Alexander Tabaco 2/13/2000  
TOTAL pledges & contributions (As of February 14, 2000)
ACTUAL MONEY RECEIVED (As of February 14, 2000)
Institutional Donors
Julita Catay Ladera
Memorial Fund
Ubay, Bohol Ubujan,
Tagbilaran City
Bohol-Forum response

NOTES : Pledges of Contributions in "RED " have been redeemed.


Volunteer Coordinators
Name Area Covered Affiliation
Tabaco, Joey Internet

Please Note: All of your 100% cash donations will be earmarked for the Project Ubi, and will be administered with great care and full of transparency.

If you would like to help support this project, please send your remittance to the project organizer (in the US), the Tagbilaran Association of Northern California Inc. (TANOCAL Inc.), Mrs. Boots Parras is the *Designated Treasurer* for this project.


c/o Mrs. Boots Parras
500 Sequoia Court
Hayward, CA 94541



The Tagbilaran Association of Northern California Inc. (TANOCAL) is a duly registered California Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation under section 501 (c) (4) of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Code.

The TAX IDENTIFICATION # is: 94-3314009 (*)


(*)  All Cash Donations are tax deductible (for your personal income

     tax purposes) to the fullest extent the law allows.

     Please save this important information for your CPA/Tax Preparer.


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