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UK C130 W Mk2 XV208

UKMET/RAF WC-130 Snoopy Joins NOAA's Ark in Retirement

MRF Hercules, C-130
From: Derek Percival []
Sent: Thursday, June 28, 2001 9:38 AM 
To: Email Protection by Name Intelligence 
Subject: UK C130 W Mk2 XV208 

Joey for your information, the UK Met Office (Met Research Flight) ceased opperations of their C130K (Hercules W Mk2) (named Snoopy) on 31th March 2001. 

Her last weather trip was on 28/03/01 returning from a successful trip to Tromso in northern Norway. On this trip, she was looking at the Arctic ice pack and its effect on global climate and satellite meteorology. 

Snoopy served with MRF from 1972 to 2001, and flew over 1800 research sorties that took her to all the continents, from Rio de Janerio and the Solomon Islands, to the Polar ice caps. 

She was the most capeable atmospheric research aircraft in the world, being used by not only the UK Met Office, but governments and research organisations through out the world, including the US. She will be greatley missed!

This aircraft, Lockheed c/n 4233, USAF 66-8558, RAF XV208, is now in use as the TP400-D6 turbo-prop engine testbed for the A-400M military transport aircraft by Marshalls of Cambridge.

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