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2007 SBRA Bike-Boat-Bike Ride
Sunday, June 3, 2007


Carlos and Joey at the Horton Pt Lighthouse rest stop.

Joey back at North Fork Bank Hq parking lot at ride's end.

pictures by Jackie
who survived the ride on her new lavander Performance K-1000X 24” bike in pic to the right!

This was the baby 25 mile ride, the bunny slope of the ski run. There was a 25 mile hilly route on Shelter Island, as well as the 50, 66 (metric 100km century), 100 miler century and 125 (200km double metric century). There were a few small hills on our route, but the north fork of LI is basically flat. Carlos and I did not let Jac stop too often to take all the pictures she wanted to. She’ll have to learn to take pics on the hoof w/o falling down.

This is a very scenic route with shorefront scenes on both the Peconic Bay and the LI Sound. We also pass most of the vineyards on the north fork. Some of the houses we pass are in the multimillion dollar range. Lots of horse farms and stables along the way. And the Chinese American owned farm of with Asian vegetables. Lucky the sun was not completely out since the clouds from TS Barry were almost here.

Jac likes the new lead pipe special I bought her for Christmas that was on sale on the Performance online store, except for the seat which will cost as much as the bike to put a shock on the seat stem. This bike even has a front shock fork! I even replaced her stock seat with the $79 seat from my bike that I replace with a $50 more comfortable but heavier seat, plus a padded get seat cover.

Got a softer seat for her that was $50 on sale by phone in the Nashbar paper mail catalog for $15 today. But the Thudbuster shock stem is $125, almost the $139 for the whole bike. There’s shipping costs with all this but there’s no tax! Anyone want to buy the $700 1992 Terry Solstice model she never really liked because of the skinny tires? It just had a major $200 overhaul last year.

Carlos did fine on the ride and only had to walk once up the biggest hill. I just geared down to the lowest gear and was able to stay riding on my bike and was able keep up with Carlos walking up that hill. Course Carlos’s bike weighs twice as much as mine. Despite that, he loved the ride. This was his 1st time on this ride. Jac and I have done this ride almost every year since we move out here in 89.

However, for Jackie, who goes to the gym almost every day, tho her legs held out, the ride was a literal pain in the ass for her. She did not have to walk and she walked down and back up the cliff steps to the beach at the Horton Pt Lighthouse rest stop. But Carlos and I had to slow our speed down to an average of 7.3 mph “D” pace instead of the 10-12 mph “C” pace we usually ride at…joey

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