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Phlip-side / eState-side

remember the flip side of all those 45rpm records we had that hardly ever got played?

well, this web page is for those of you who want to find out about your other side!

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Republic of the Philippines Seal Bohol Provincial Seal

"Yankee Go Home And Take Me With You!" Filipino demonstrators' signs during an anti-American protest

Bohol Province - the old country of the Tabaco's

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Tagbilaran City - the old town of the Tabaco's Tagbilaran City

Lubang Island, Occidental Mindoro Province - the old country of the Bleza's

Tabaco, Albay Province - yes! there is a place named Tabaco in the Philippines

Cebu City - the center of the Visayan Islands

Kalayaan logoGovernment of the Republic of the Philippines

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Factoid: While 11 million blacks from the entire continent of Africa were enslaved and sent mainly to the new world,
from 1565 to 1815, the Spanish Empire, with the blessings of Holy Mother Church, sent 4 million Filipinos to the four corners of the earth!

For more info: read the Manila-Acapulco Slave Trade by Rev. Josemaria Luengo.

Images of a Forgotten War imageMemories of a Forgotten War: A Documentary of the Philippine-American War of 1899

Video: Kababayan: Filipino-Americans in New York

eState-side - Filipino America

"He who does not look back from where he came will never reach his destination." Filipino proverb

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NY Metro Chapter


Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Program

Filipino American Centennial Commemoration Website

A Century of Challenge and Change: The Filipino American Story

Jon's pennyIt's been too easy to forget where our parents and/or grandparents came from! This web page is dedicated to my family, in-laws and outlaws, especially to my sister-outlaw Esther, who seems to be the most interested in finding out about what our parents still call home. I hope my grandkids will still find this interesting when they are old enuf to log on. More to come. Stay tuned!

Please inform me of broken links! Address e-mail to: Joey Tabaco - Email Protection by Name Intelligence

A penny for my son Jon's help with this page (his work on the right), and $50K for my daughter Anisa's help for her education at the State University of New York at Stony Brook where she was elected the Webmaster for the Philippine United Students Organization.

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