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Joey's Bicycle Page
Joey Tabaco's blog like bicycle ramblings
pix from the 2007 Tour of the Hamptons

Pics from the 2007 SBRA Bike-Boat-Bike ride.

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Joey's new Bike Friday Air Glide
"The most comfortable bike I have ever ridden!"
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Joey's wishful thinking

I am not a bicycle fanatic, just obsessed with riding a bike to regain back some of the fitness of my youth, having been underweight most of my life until old age caught up with me, mainly due to a lack of exercise. My doc was more concerned with my being overweight than my smoking. So when I retired after 36 years as a govt weatherman, I was determined that one of my retirement presents would be a relatively decent bicycle.

I boiled down my choices to 2 finalist; a Bike Friday Air Glide and an Airborne Stratoliner (which model is no longer made)! I know this is a stupid reason for making the choice but the Bike Friday website impressed me more at the time. It's even bigger and better now thanks mainly in part, as I have discovered, to Bike Friday's Customer Evangelist, the ABC, Lynette Chiang.

(more to come on this)

Bike Friday Samsonite F'lite TravelCase

(a story to be told here)

Joey's eyeball gingineering - Bike Friday trailer tongue bar mounted on a "little tikes" Cozy Cruiser™ 2 kid trailer.
(a story to be told here)

Softride PowerStem that makes my Air Glide fully suspended.

Due to one of my old age problems with my hands numbing even on my daily half hour rides, I surfed thru the Internet trying to find some solution. I already was almost sitting upright on my Air Glide and had the thickest gel gloves I could find. While I can't move my hands around as much as on my old Scott AT-4 handlebar on my Ross Diamond Cruiser, the Bike Friday H-bars seems to be comfortable enough to find different positions to move my hands to.

It basically boiled down to getting some kind of front suspension to kill the bumps and buzz. Since the Air Glide was not designed to use a suspended fork like the Air Llama, beside the cost and weight being a lot more, the only other choice was to go with a flex stem. REI experts claim this is best for my type of riding. After reviewing the few choices I had, I decided to go with the Softride PowerStem.

 After some consultation with my Bike Friday rep, Dave Seybert, mainly to figure out the size I needed, I ordered the PowerStem online directly from Softride, since it was on sale there. It arrived in less than 2 weeks and to my surprise, instead of what I thought would be a aluminum finish, it was a gold anodized finish. Since I had a guaranteed return, I mounted it anyway just to try it out.

Again surprised, it looked pretty mounted on my blue Air Glide since it also had sliver and black hardware as well as a red spring. It took less than an hour to remove the BF 25.4 Ahead for Adj Riser stem and install the PowerStem. The only problem I had was with centering the H-bars since there was no centering screw on the PowerStem and I did not want to drill a hole for one nor do I have a tap and die set.

(more to come on this)

-----Original Message-----
From: Joey Tabaco
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 4:46 PM
To: 'Chasity Archuleta'
Subject: RE: Power Grips Reflectors

Chasity...Thanx for your help! This is my 2nd set of Power Grips. That's why I ordered 2 sets of reflectors. Didn't know they were available until I read the instructions on the new set I bought. It's good advice since we need all the warning available riding in metro NYC.

Have had the 1st set over 15 years ago on my old 23 year old Ross Diamond Cruiser. Had to remove the reflectors from the BMX pedals on it to mount the Power Grips. Tho they are white and look pretty beat up, they are still in relatively good shape. My 27 yr old son now uses the bike and loves them.

Just got a Bike Friday Air Glide when I retired. Wouldn't have bought the pedals from them, an option, had I known you were selling pedals with the straps already mounted. Ordered the blue color from my bike store at Kreb Cycle but black was all they could get.

They look fine on my WTB black pedals. Could have used the blue ones on the old bike also since the BMX pedals were blue. Guess you're sold out on the blue color since a lot of folks wanted them. At least the black ones should hold up looking better in the long haul than the white ones did.

Will use this text as a review on my bike webpage. The Power Grips are almost up to the level of the next best thing to sliced bread. Notice that many police bike courses require them. IMHO, they are better than toe or shoe clips for the casual, but serious, rider, at least more versatile.

Allows me to move my foot around, unlike the toe clips, without slipping off accidentally, like with shoe clips. Also much easier to get out of than the toe clips, especially in an emergency. May replace the toe clips on my wife's Terry Solstice with the Power Grip pedals if she wants them.

In addition to more power, at least on the upstroke, it gives you more control. It mainly keeps you from slipping off the pedals, but is easy to get out of if you need to step down or dismount. Guess that's why the cops require them for their bike patrols and training courses.

Thanx also for the quick response to my email. Tried to find the reflectors in your online store and other online retailers 1st before I called you. For 2 bucks, that's more than reasonable, but amusing that the shipping costs more. Hope to do more business with you and that this review gets you new customers...Joey

-----Original Message-----
From: Chasity Archuleta []
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 11:22 AM
To: Joey Tabaco
Subject: Re: Power Grips Reflectors

Joey, You can order the reflectors from us. Please give me a call to place an order at 970-241-3518. Thanks

On 23 May 2005 at 20:55, Joey Tabaco wrote:
> Can I get the Power Grips reflector set from you?

-----Original Message-----
From: Chasity Archuleta []
Sent: Tuesday, May 24, 2005 5:31 PM
To: Joey Tabaco
Subject: RE: Power Grips Reflectors

Joey, Thank you so much for all your kind words and support. Its really nice to hear about our customers enjoying our products and passing  them to other family and friends. I do apologize about the shipping. I am sure I can get it reduced its just what I am required to say about our minimums.

I wish we had the blue straps as well. At this point we are going to end up with just the black straps in the future. We do have some close out colors on our webshop if you are interested.

Again, thank you for your support. Please let us know if we can do anything else for you. Thanks

Chasity Archuleta
Customer Service
Eko Sport, Inc
580 N Westgate Dr
Grand Junction, CO  81505
Ph: 970-241-3518
Fax: 970-241-3529
Manufactures of Kreitler Rollers, Mountain Speed (MRP), Power Grips. Tamer,Total Air, White Brothers

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