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Air Weather Reconnaissance Association

Air Force Weather Reconnaissance Organizational History


Squadrons / Flights / Detachments / Operating Locations

Commands / Air Forces / Divisions / Wings / Groups

(AFRES) - Air Force Reserve
(AFRC) - Air Force Reserve Command

Units in boldface currently perform the weather reconnaissance mission.

If you were or are assigned or provided direct support (as in a CAMS) to any of the units listed above, please consider joining the AWRA. Membership in the association is open to all current and former members of the US Armed Services who served in the US Army Air Corps and/or US Air Force or who now serve in the US Air Force in the capacity of aircrew members and military and civilian support personnel in organizations performing aerial weather reconnaissance and related missions. Widows of such personnel are eligible for membership without fee.
Joseph Tabaco

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Updated August 23, 2015