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Air Weather Reconaissance Association

 Reunion 2006
at the National Museum of the USAF,
Wright Patterson AFB,        Dayton, OH,
Wed, 27 Sep through Sunday, 1 Oct

The WB-50 is now inside the new hangar of the NMUSAF in the Cold War Gallery

Reunion 2006 NMUSAF WB-50

Here’s a pic of all the Drops at the 2006 Banquet

From Left:  Bob Tuttle, Gaylen Carnel, John Priestle, Dave Bird, Bill Davis, Elmer Tingle, Charles Hart, Joey Tabaco,
John Kosack, Bob Brown (hidden), Richard Hall, John Lassiter, and Dave Heisey

And here’s a closeup that includes Bob Brown who was blocked by Dick Hall in the big pic

The next reunion in 2007 will be in Tucson, AZ, home of Davis Monthan AFB and AMARC.

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