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Air Weather Reconaissance Association

Source: https://afweather.afwa.af.mil/gallery/art2.html

Weather Reconnaissance Aircraft illustrated: RB-17, RB-24, RB-25, WB-29, WB-47, WB-50, WB-57, WC-130 and WC-135
AFWA lithograph

This dynamic depiction of Air Force Weather shows a full range of the activities and involvement by the men and
women of the Air Force's Weather Service. You can own one of these wonderful lithographs made from the original
artwork of
Ronald Wong, a British artist known for his works paying tribute to the military, especially the Air Force.

If you would like one of these limited lithographs, surf to http://www.ronaldtkwong.com/gallery/AirForceWeather.html

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Updated April  21, 2014