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2007 Tour of the Hamptons

"The Tour of the Hamptons begins in Southampton and travels through the flat terrain and rolling hills of the South Fork, passing farmland, beaches, mansions and historic towns, such as Sag Harbor, East Hampton, Amagansett and Montauk, before returning to Southampton. The tour has 25, 50, 65, and 100-mile routes. Tour proceeds fund a generous contribution to the Make-A-Wish Foundation."

We were on the 25 mile bunny slope ride so that's all I can comment about. This would have been a great ride if we had made it a 30 mile ride and just doubled back from the 15 mile rest stop. The 1st 15 miles was the expected tour of the land of the rich and famous typified by the reputation of the Hamptons. The roads were great and the traffic was very light. The scenery was exceptionally beautiful! The weather, threatening showers on the way there, turned out to be wonderful, I being a weather wizzard.

The 15 mile rest stop was not the scenic area I had told Jackie and Carlos it might be, tho the folks manning it were great. One even commented how nice my new Bike Friday jersey (thanx Lynette!) looked and took a pic of me, so look for it on the MPBC Club Photos page when they get the TOH 2007 pix posted. Carlos thought there should have been a pit stop there for air and minor repairs. The refreshments were ok tho the yellow jackets would not let me get to the Gatorade. Not a problem since I brought my own.

The last 10 miles after the rest stop were a disappointment. We cross north of the LIRR tracks to the land of the working class. The roads deteriorated as far as bicycle riding was concerned and the traffic was heavy. Even when and where there was space to ride right of the line, the potholes and sand/gravel made it tricky at best. With Jackie starting to bonk it made it more of a problem since she is not comfortable with the traffic. She kept telling us to drop her. I have never dropped anyone on any ride I have led or trailed, and never will!

Had we just doubled back the way we came, it would have been a great, great ride! Looks like I will have to get a tandem if I expect Jackie to come with me on these rides. As usual, my 2004 Bike Friday Air Glide performed great and was a comfortable as ever, even tho I have not be able to get it over to David Lam at bfold for an overdue overhaul. Bro Carlos was riding my old 1981 Ross Diamond Cruiser which still was still rideable despite being long overdue for a major overhaul. He had a great time.

I'd still recommend this Massapequa Park Bicycle Club TOH ride despite our problems since the 1st 3/5s of the ride was just great. Thanx MPBC! It nice to be able to go to the land of the rich and famous and not feel like you're trespassing. I'll probably be back next year but will double back after the rest stop if they don't change the route. Hope to see yous there...joey

All of these pix were taken by Jackie with her Kodakan C643 digicam. Click on each pic to view the album.
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