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About was formally established in November, 1999, hosted by, where Jon worked as a web developer. It started as a collection of pages developed at our work, school and at various free web hosting or our ISP web space sites from as far back as 1997 by Jon, Anisa and Joey.

 In 1998, Jon and Joey began planning to establish a family web site with our own domain name. The problem was finding a means to afford one back then, since the web was still priced for commercial entities.

When Jon left formal employment at in early 2001 to become an independent consultant, we moved our web host to While it offered us the same services we had at while it lasted, it still was too much for us to afford.

After much searching to find a NT/2000 web hosting service that we could somewhat afford, we finally found While it did not have all the services that we had with and, it did have the basic services we needed to maintain an independent domain named website.

Despite the lack of user account management, has provided us with satisfactory web hosting services for what we pay them, except for domain name services. However, we are still looking for a more affordable web hosting service that can provide us with basic user account management.

As far as domain name services, when we established in 1998, we had to go with who had the exclusive contract to run the InterNIC for the US. Once the InterNIC was deregulated in the US, we again searched until we found a more affordable domain name service at has provided us with excellent domain name services at a very affordable price. Since then we have used to obtain other domain names that we are interested in for our own and other uses had become involved in.

Our involvement with pro bono web development for non-profit organizations and NGO's was started in 2001 to help with Jon's portfolio as an independent web developer. Since the .com bust, has continued to provide pro bono services to non-profits and NGO's.

We also contribute to selected non-profits and NGOs, whom we do not provide pro bono web development for, in the name of for all of its members as a means of collecting a substantial sum to be worth contributing.

We hope to be able to afford to continue to do this for the non-profits and NGOs, as well as for all the extended members of, as long as we can. Which brings us to the appeal to all those members and supporters of to contribute whatever they feel they want to keep the family web site going.

We have set up a PayPal account in 2003 so you can safely electronically transfer funds to us using your credit or debit cards. Checks are fine but more of an accounting problem. Cash is the last thing we want but we will take it if that is your wish.

We hope more of the members of will take advantage of the services we provide regardless of whether you contribute or not. This is something unique stated by Natalio on paper that can be for all without anymore of the loss of the rain forest especially in the Philippines.

Jon and Joey Tabaco,

Email Protection by Name Intelligence wishes to thank and credit the Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded to build an ‘Internet library,’ with the purpose of offering permanent access for researchers, historians, and scholars to historical collections that exist in digital format, for storing the versions of from our inception thru the years.

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